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Meet The UX Riga Team

UX Riga 2018 Liga Letina
Liga Letina

Liga was the crazy one, willing and believing there has to be a UX focused conference in Riga. Liga is curating the lineup and looks after attendee needs.

When not organizing UX Riga, Liga is leading the UX team at If P&C Insurance, and running service design workshops,

Liga Letina
UX Riga 2018 Renars Jansons
Renars Jansons

Since UX Riga day one, Renars is making sure that event is organized each year and is responsible for sponsor and partner management.

When not organizing UX Riga, Renars is the CEO of CUBE Systems. In his free time, Renars is dedicated to renovating his family house.

Renars Jansons
UX Riga 2018 Edite Millere
Edite Millere

Edite is the production mastermind of UX Riga, making sure that everything at the event is at the right time, at the right place.

Outside UX Riga, she is working with attracting more women to IT sector in Latvia, and assuring better education quality.

Edite Millere
UX Riga 2018 Davis Suneps
Davis Suneps

Davis makes sure that the info about the UX Riga conference is spread out and the attendee questions are timely answered.

Outside UX Riga, Davis is a millennial entrepreneur, experimenting with personal projects.

Davis Suneps