Jim Kalbach: Design Beyond Commercial Settings

Floor Smit: Designing for Impact

Mark Garner: The Why, What and How of Design Sprints

Andreas Refsgaard: Playful Machine Learning

Mike Dick: Bridging The Design And Engineering Gap With Design Systems

Joe Macleod-Ends: Why They’re Critical


Zsuzsa Kovacs: Don’t just ask users. Measure them!

Arne van Oosterom: Service Design – Past, present and future

Wilbert Baan: The shift of designer’s role

Kair Käsper: The Double-Edged Sword of Qualitative Research

Chris Den Arend: The design of a Digital Friend

Can Kilicbay: Feeding on change


Andy Budd: Design as a Competitive Advantage

Zoltan Kollin: Good Design is a.. Myth

Mogens Moller: How To Compete Against The Big Fish

Agnis Stibe: “Persuasive Cities for Sustainable Wellbeing: Urban Behaviour Change”

Eric White & Alan Klement “Designing for Prosthetic Gods”

Michel Tofahrn


Mark Stickdorn: Customer Journey Mapping and CX Research

Eric Reiss: UX Strategy – the secret sauce that defines the pixie dust

Avi Itzkovitch: The Invisible Interface: Designing the Screenless Experience

Leah Ryz: How to influence good design within an inflexible business, resistant to change!

Mikus Opelts: How to develop a global technology?

Maciej Plonka: Across the corporate universe